Carver 50

Azimut 58 Elisa
15 June, 2019
Cruiser 44
16 June, 2019

Carver 50


Californian Carver 50 ft

Yacht with all the inner and outer amplitude for pleasant trips into the bay.

Main features:

Facilities: 2 cabins, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, refrigerator, stove.

Power: 2 engines Caterpillar 350 H / P

Equipment: (Fisheries) Poles outrigers, nursery, fishing chair, Penn reels, Lifejackets, First Aid, sound input for iPod, Snorkels

Capacity: 18 passengers 2 crew

Prices from: $900 USD

The sea never changes and its action, however much men say, is shrouded in mystery.

Joseph Conrad